The Confident Parent System:

Rising Above Your Roots

Helping mothers raised confident and connected children, while healing from an emotionally unavailable mother.

Mother and child smiling while engaging in a fun activity, fostering confidence and connection

The Confident Parent System is my program that was carefully developed for mothers who grew up with an emotionally unavailable mother and were never taught to feel their feelings, communicate, and love themselves. The program is for mothers who are ready to parent without yelling, shutting down, or years of therapy. For mothers who want to be set free from guilt, build positive self-worth, and break the generational cycle for their own children.

The program uses the most up-to-date evidence-based research and treatment along with guidance, support, and accountability at every turn.

This program will not only teach you to parent with confident, it will teach you to RE-parent yourself.

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Good Fit

  • You have spent time working on yourself before and though it has been helpful, it does not seem to get to the root of the issue.

  • You have been DIYing and have read books and tried to implement strategies on your own, but cannot seem to sustain them or actually know how to apply them successfully.

  • You are exhausted and tired of healing taking so damn long and just want a proven process to heal NOW, and not spend another year of your life (and kid's life) flailing.

Not So Good Fit

  • You have a history of physical and/or sexual abuse that has not yet been resolved in in therapy

  • You do not want to think about hard stuff

  • You would rather keep to yourself and spend years DIYing the answers to success.

  • You have acute mental health symptoms that get in the way of daily functioning such as eating, sleeping, working, and household tasks.

The Confident Parent System

It’s a 4-month premier program of its kind

  • LIFETIME access to 20+ self-paced digital trainings with step-by-step guidance, tools, and strategies

  • 1 weekly live group Q&A call with laser coaching for implementation of strategies and tools

  • Office Hours where you can ask quick questions between Q&A calls

  • LIFETIME access to my Mothering Yourself Training Vault with over 30 BONUS trainings

  • Option to continue in the program after your 4-months us up for a very reasonable membership price

  • Discounted 1:1 sessions with your parenting partner


How much does the program cost?

The 4-month program costs $3000.

Keep in mind that the amount of information that I provide you in this program is equivalent to 2-3 years of weekly therapy. This ends up being $6,000-$9,000 worth of copays, and 3-years of your life!

This program streamlines the process with educational modules, exercises, and TOOLS, along with laser coaching to help you move through your healing faster, and sustain longer. We do not need to hash out your history for years for you to be able to heal.

There are multiple options regarding cost and payment as well as financing available. I would love to chat more!

Is coaching covered by insurance?

No, unfortunately coaching is not covered by insurance and is only out-of-pocket because we are not focusing on a diagnosis recognized by insurance, we are focusing on relational struggles.

Do you offer 1:1 coaching instead of your group coaching program?

There are very rare occasions where I offer 1:1 coaching instead of group. Remember that group coaching is not therapy. We do not go over your past and rehash your childhood so your not sharing yourself with the other members. You bring questions to the call about difficulties to implementing the skills taught in the modules, and I help you figure it out.

I recognize a lot of my parenting issues are about me, and not them, will you go over this?

This program is 80% work on yourself, and 20% parenting. Studies have shown that teaching what you are learning actually solidifies what you learn faster. The modules walk you through re-parenting yourself, while also implementing similar tools with your children. You get to relate and connect with your children while you both grow.

Do you include information on connecting with your partner and learning how to parent together?

Yes! I include an entire module series on communication. I also encourage you to share modules with your partner so you can work together.

What clients are saying...

I cannot recommend this program enough! There were so many "aha" moments and watching the dots connect has been so validating. I wasn't prepared for all the emotional upheaval that comes with being a new mom - especially since I was already struggling with other things. I'm also a yeller. Anger is my default emotion, so yelling comes "naturally" when I'm frustrated and overstimulated. Finding this program gave me the headspace to tackle everything one-at-a-time. Now, I only use my "mom voice" when necessary and communicate more positively. This has surprisingly helped with my husband as well.

Dannie Ryan-Rentz

I grew up in a dysfunctional home with abusive and emotionally immature parents. Reflecting on my good and bad relationships, I realized it came down to my own belief system. Marie helped me work through unpacking false beliefs, discovering my authentic self, and systematically following the path to self-actualization. I appreciate that she is knowledgeable and can articulate what is going on in relationship dynamics. This healing journey is necessary as many become aware of breaking generational trauma.

Jessie Hundiak-Jackson

What is in it for me?

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